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Apex SC-1500D "Heavy Duty" 3-Axis Servo Robot '17

Vertical (X-Axis)1500mm (Telescopic Vertical Stroke)
Strip (Y-Axis)760mm
Traverse (Z-Axis)2310mm
C AxesPneumatic 90D Wrist Flip
Optimum Use700 to 1200 Ton Press
Payload66 Lbs.

Features: AC Brushless Servo Motor Drive with accuracy to +/- 0.1mm (0.004"). Unique wrist flip design reduces mold open and protects tooling with a vertical position lock for loss of air pressure. Coordinated Motion of the Servo Axes allows maximum flexibility and speed. Individual control allows unparalleled control. High quality precision linear bearings allow for optimum speed and reliability. Available in Single Stage and Telescoping Vertical Arm designs as well as Single and Dual Arm Units for 3 Plate Molds (Dual Arm Units feature 5 Servo axes). Control: Color Screen 8.4" Flexible and Powerful State of the Art Programmable Fully user programmable touch screen control. Individual function keys on control to allow user friendly programming. Programmable Sub-Routines allow programming flexibility for Reject Parts, Stacking sequences and Insert sequences. Speed, Position and Timers can be adjusted during operation. Diagnostics, I/O Status and error messages on pendant. Transfer and save programs with USB port. Easily adjusted motion and timer settings 14 Spare Inputs & 12 Spare Outputs for auxiliary equipment interface. Standard SPI/EUROMAP molding machine interface with connector.

Equipped With

(1) Vacuum Grip Circuit with part sensing and Versatile Vacuum Cup End of Arm Tooling. (1) Part Grip Circuit with part verification User Manual for Robot and Touch Screen Control with numerous sample programs.

2017 APEX SC-1500D
Robots - Brand New