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Injection Molders 901 Ton & Over
ES11050/1000 WP
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1000 Ton, 209.2 Oz. Engel Injection Molding Machine '00 Beautiful Condition!!!!

Long Description
Shot Size209.2
Platen Size83.23" x 77.56"
Tie Bar Spacing60" x 45.28"
Mold Height (Min)15.75"
Mold Height (Max)39.37"
Ejector Stroke11.81"
Clamp Stroke39.37"
Screw Diameter120mm
LD Ratio24:1
Core PullYes
Dimensions591.56" x 114" x 135.2"
Equipped With

209.2 Oz. Injection Unit Standard Paint m/c it green (EC#5007) & black (EC5001) clamp assy Pump/motor platform-lrg mcs only 3. Levelling & vibration mounts Bilingual warning labels in English & French (ipos) Auxiliary bypass oil filtration. SPI Safety key switch. 4 x air blow off with timer & ½" 3-way valve 2 on stationary & 2 on moving platen. Hydraulically actuated mold valve gate shut-off via accumulator. Double corepull/rack & pinion unscrewing. Platens prepared for retrofit of QMM. Ultramax bi-metallic barrel (in place of standard) Increased hydr. drive-improved plasticizing, faster speed/cycle. Accu pig for incr inj speed c/w ind. Charg’ incl EOF-CC100 mcs. 24:1 ENGEL MeltPro Barrier screw 4140 base steel, Colmonoy #86 weld flight land, chrome plated root and Pulsar mixer/adder (pos). Power capacitor. Mineral insulated heater bands. Power conditioner for triacs. Alarm bell and re-set switch. 2 x 115/1-60 (15 amps max.) Duplex outlet; 1 located on operator side of control panel location “E”; 1 located on operator side gate assembly. 230/3/60 - 30 amp Hubbel #2720 outlet located on right hand of AC panel, location “F”. CC100 Microprocessor. CC100 Level 2 Software. CC100 Microgplast/Microflow Processing Software. CC100 Micrograph Plus. CC100 Process Data - Graphics and Reports. Ejector back confirm’n input signal (does not incl, limit switch. 16 x CC100 PID mold temperature control zones. Re. option # 1134, 15 amps each, multi-plug DME located inside gate on non-operator side. Closed loop feed throat cooling control: CC100 8 Zone temperature control card. Engel RC100 robot interface includes cycle start button. Conversion from English to French text - instant. Robot operator side deposit. Special key switch (per confirmation 12/8/00). Extended ejector plate to handle ejectors at 508mm from the center. Grease nipple required on extended ejector plate at each guide bar.

2000 ENGEL ES11050/1000 WP
Injection Molders 901 Ton & Over