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Injection Molders 201 To 300 Ton
570 S 2200-800
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220 Ton, 10.3 Oz. Arburg Allrounder Injection Molding Machine '12

Shot Size10.3
Platen Size31.29" x 31.29"
Tie Bar Spacing22.44" x 22.44"
ControlSelogica w/15" Control Screen
Equipped With

- 10.3 Oz. Injection Unit - Regulated hydraulic ejector on moveable platen, programmable for simultaneous movements - Air Blow unit w/1 pressure reduction valve - Machine related cooling circuits, programmable regulated - Mold-related cooling water circuit via pipe manifold for supply & return lines attached to fixed & moving platens on non-operator side - Alarm indicator, acoustic - 21) Electrical heating control circuits for mold heating, each with max. 2kw/230 V1 (HAN 24 E, assignment according to HASCO, w/o connection cable from machine to mold) suitable for control circuits with a max. temperature increase of 20 deg./s. INCLUDES - Additional control panel & 4 plugs according to DME standards. - 1) Additional heating regulation circuit for nozzle or for nozzle tip with socket - 1) Host computer interface OPC UA - 1) Printer interface, serial USB, for setting parameters, screen panels and for graphics - 1) Interface for coloring/dosage device - ARBURG ROBOT SYSTEM MULTILIFT SELECT transverse for 570 C Golden addition. 3 Axis Servo Electric drive. Travels : - X (longitudinal): 400mm/15.74" - Y (vertical, mold entry): 800mm/31.49" - Z (transversal): 1400mm/55.11" - C Pivoting axis, pneumatic, swivel0-90 degrees. Both end position monitored and manually adjustable. - Pneumatic drive incl. valve actuation - 4) Vacuum circuits - 4) Gripper circuits - Safety Fence consisting of fixed wall elements electrically protected hinged door and a prepared opening for conveyor belt. - Conveyor New Chillers/Optional: Universal Chilling Systems, Inc. Air Cooled, Water Cooled and/or Glycol Chillers Competitive Pricing & Exceptional Service! Ask for your Own Quote!

2012 ARBURG 570 S 2200-800
Injection Molders 201 To 300 Ton