Injection blow molders are used for high volume production of smaller bottles such as medical vials and other pharmaceutical bottles, single serve bottles, and jars. Injection molding machines employ the use of three stations arranged in a rotary fashion. The first station is the injection station where the injection blow molders inject melted plastic into a heated mold that contains a core rod. By the time the process at this station is complete the pre-form has been made which contains the finished neck of the bottle or jar being made, attached to a polymer tube which will form the body. The mold opens and the core rod is rotated to the next station where a hollow, chilled blow mold clamps around it before compressed air flows through an opening in the core rod to blow the body of the part into the finished shape. Once sufficiently cooled, the injection blow molder machine rotates the finished part to the final station for ejection. Typical material run on these machines includes LDPE, HDPE, PP, PVC. Various manufacturers of used injection blow molders for sale that Machinery Center offers includes Uniloy, Jomar, and Raineville.